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I have 2 tables connected to each other through col A. I want to match the column C with Col A and get the value of Col B.

For Example,

Table 1

ColA    ColB     Colc

a        a1       b

a        b1       c

c        c1       a


ColA ColB

a     a1

b     b1

c     c1 

Now, I have already created relationships between Table2 and Table1 for my other calculations connecting both the tables with the colA.

Now, I am trying to match ColC from Table1 with ColA of Table2 and return the value of ColB from Table2 as MatchedOutput.

Expected output Table1

 ColA    ColB     Colc     MatchedOutput

    a        a1       b     b1

    a        b1       c     c1

    c        c1       a     a1 


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  • DAX function for this is LOOKUPVALUE.

  • Matched Output


  • This looks for the value in Table2[ColB] where Table2[ColA] matches Table1[ColC].

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