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I am having a table

Col1 Col2

11_A    9
12_B    8
13_C    7
14_A    6
15_A    4

The table i need after conversion

Col1  Col2  Col3

11_A    0   9
12_B    8   0
13_C    7   0
14_A    0   6 
15_A    0   4 

I have used the following query

Col3 = 
LEFT( 'Table'[Col2], 
     SEARCH("A", 'Table'[Col1], 0, 


How can I do this? 

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Use the following steps:

  •  Select Power Query Editor in Power Bi desktop
  • On the edge of the screen select table
  •  Click on Add Column tab
  • and slect Conditional Column
  • Give a name to the column
  • Give the condition as present in the picture
  • And format the column.

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