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In Power BI I have a measure that calculates the average value of a column. It always contains a number between 0 and 4

RoundedUpAverageScore = ROUND(AVERAGE(SmileyHistory[SatisfactionLevel]),0)

I then have a table that consists of a score from 0 to 4 and a URL.


I want to use the RoundedUpAverageScore to look up which URL to use for an image in Power Bi.

Naturally, I cannot make a relation between a measure and a column in Power Bi, so the two tables are currently not connected.



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  • Make use of LOOKUPVALUE :

  • Use the following MEASURE:

RoundedUpAverageURL = LOOKUPVALUE ( Smileys_Sheet[Url], Smileys_Sheet[Score], [RoundedUpAverageScore] )

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