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I am trying to use git to push my repository to a visual studio team services project, but I get the error:

fatal: Authentication failed for (URL of team project)

I am using the cmd:

git remote add origin

git push -u origin -–all

Any idea of the fix for this?

2 Answers

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Go to Control Panel and then navigate to Credential manager. Change the username and password from Git repository. 

Usually, when you are pushing the repository, there is a pop-up that asks you to login to your Azure account. 

You can also, set the username and email in the beginning by setting the global variable. 

These links will help:

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I have had the same issue recently (visual studio 2017 & Windows 10), and solved it using the following method:

Control Panel --> Credential Manager --> Manage Windows Credentials --> Choose the entry of the git repository, and Edit the user and password.

I hope it helped you!

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