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  • In Visual Studio
  • Pulled from remote repo
  • 1 merge conflict.
  • Merged manually, clicked 'Accept merge'


  • Message: "A merge operation is in progress in the ... repository. Commit your changes to complete the merge operation."
  • However, there is nothing to commit: There are 0 pending changes, no actions apart from Abort seem to be possible.



  • the remote git repo is hosted in Visual Studio Team Services
  • Visual Studio 2017 with all updates

1 Answer

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During a pull action from a remote Git repository in Visual Studio, if you receive a conflict, all you need to do is a manual merge from a Remote or a Local Version.

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Then click "Accept Merge", now you have to commit this merge operation.

For this, check the screenshot below:

enter image description here

If it doesn't show up, next you can do is commit from pendings, now you can see in the below screenshot that there is nothing Changes tab, it is due to the local version after you merge. You won't see any changes in the file but still you need to commit these merge operations

enter image description here

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