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Could someone tell me what is data science and what does a big data scientist do?

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Data Science is interdisciplinary in the sense that it employs scientific, mathematical, and statistical methods, algorithms, and systems as a means to gather data from various reliable sources to extract and derive insights for all kinds of decision-making. Organizations can decide on what kind of actions will bring about an improvement in specific requirements and operations within the business. 

Data Science is closely associated with Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, which when used jointly can result in extensive applications in various sectors like logistics, healthcare, fraud detection, predicting of various parameters, etc.

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist:

1. Ask appropriate questions to begin the discovery process

2. Collect the right data to solve the problem at hand

3. Clean, process, integrate, and store the available data

4. Data analysis

5. Work with potential models and algorithms

6. Apply statistical modeling, machine learning, and AI

7. Introduce optimization according to derived insights

There are different roles that a Data Science professional can have in an organization:

Data Scientists: Create algorithms and predictive models and perform data analysis

Data Analysts: Data manipulation and identification of patterns and trends in the data

Data Engineers: Clean, integrate, organize, and transfer data it to data warehouses

BI Specialists: Discover trends and patterns in data sets

Data Architects: Design, build, and manage the data architecture

Data Science is a highly desirable career path and here is how you can get started:

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