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Could someone tell me what is the job profile or scope of a Digital Marketing Analyst?

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Digital Marketing Analyst’s job is to analyze Digital media campaigns, and their effectiveness in generating an audience, leads, and the way their audience responded to the ongoing or already conducted campaigns. They analyze every way possible from click-streams, to total views, etc. that will help in improving their marketing efforts to generate more revenue and also to spread brand awareness among the masses. These professionals analyze various campaigns, like social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and other branding efforts, etc. to chart the course of their viewers.

The scope of Digital Marketing Analysts is pretty good at the time. With the Digital marketing industry booming and budding with new opportunities in various parts of the globe, the job sector in this domain is quite healthy. So, if you are planning to get into this domain, I better suggest you have some sorts of certification that will help you validate your knowledge base in the domain. In that regard, I would highly recommend you to enroll in the Digital Marketing Courses from Intellipaat. Also, watch our video as a starter on Digital Marketing course from our subject-matter experts.

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