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Could someone tell me what is the scope of Digital Marketing in India?

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The scope of Digital Marketing in India is very humungous. It could be said India has just begun in the field of Digital Marketing. Let me share some points found in the industry surveys and reports by, which will be self-explanatory:

  1. The global active internet users amount to 4.66 billion people. And out of that 4.28 billion people are unique mobile users.
  2. Google reported that India holds the potential to reach USD 100 billion, through just online e-commerce.
  3. India surpassed the USA to become 2nd most active internet users (390 Million plus) just after China as of Feb 2020.
  4. India’s population is the youngest in the World. That means the huge population is young, vibrant and energetic, and much more.

What more of a morale booster is required than to understand these facts mentioned above for an aspiring Digital Marketer. But just knowing how to do some stuff in Digital Marketing is not enough to fetch you a job, instead, you need to obtain certifications. And for that, I would recommend you to enroll today in the Digital Marketing Online Course from Intellipaat and become a certified Digital Marketer in India. Also, have a look at the Digital Marketing course video from subject matter experts of Intellipaat.

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