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Could someone tell me what is the future of Digital Marketing jobs in India?

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The future of the Digital Marketing industry as a whole is very bright not only in India, but in many parts of the world. If we go by the reports of Goldman Sachs, the Digital Marketing industry alone is going to be worth USD 160 billion by the year 2025. So, you could imagine the number of opportunities that are going to surface in the coming years. If you have the right amount of skillset you could bring home a job with a decent salary package. You have a variety of roles within the Digital Marketing domain, like Content Writer, PPC specialists, SEO experts, Digital Analysts, Digital Marketing Consultants, etc. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are shifting to online marketing by reducing their spending on traditional forms of marketing. Because they have realized that Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. And if you wish to break into this domain, with a high salary, then I would suggest you get certified by enrolling in a good Digital Marketing Training from a reputed e-learning company or institute.

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