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Could someone tell me how to become a Computer Vision Engineer?

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Computer Vision Engineer is a professional who is an expert in the field of Computer Vision, who deals with training computers to observe, interpret, and understand from huge datasets, to make real-time decisions without the need of any form of human intervention. Computer Vision is basically trying to mimic the human-level vision capabilities to perform various actions. You could become a Computer Vision Engineer, if you have the necessary skillsets, as this domain is booming with opportunities, so you could get a job quite easily if you are qualified enough. I will list few tips to help you guide to become a Cloud Vision Engineer:

  • First, conceptual clarity and practical experience are all that matters in this cutting-edge technology. So, if you are planning to do self-learning, you could, but will take you considerable time, to master it, maybe even years. Because this field is rapidly innovating itself, and newer techniques are being introduced from time-to-time. I recommend you take up a good Artificial Intelligence course from Intellipaat, as they offer an industry-best course on it, with ample guide projects to help you enhance your practical experience.
  • Second, Learn Programming Languages, which are most used by professionals in this domain, and what different companies prefer. Python has ranked very high in this regard. And only with one language, you will not be able to tackle Computer Vision, you will need continuous learning as the demand for newer libraries, languages, and frameworks evolve.
  • Third, dive into Machine Learning algorithms, Deep Learning frameworks, and having good knowledge of Cloud services will help you with certain conditions of some companies.
  • Finally, I would say getting certified in AI, learning ML, Deep Learning, and learning Programming Languages, frameworks, whichever suits the company requirements, and industry demands. 

If you are a novice in the field of Computer Vision, watch the following video on Computer Vision Course and get started.

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