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Could someone tell me how to start learning Computer Vision?

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Computer Vision is a relatively new budding field, but has its root for several decades, as scientists and mathematicians are trying their level-best to impart the visual capabilities to computers, who can capture images through cameras, process, interpret and understand them. This field is relatively new, and you just cannot do some short courses to master this course, you need to learn many things, to help you properly understand and master the concepts of Computer Vision, the first thing to recognize is that Computer Vision is a field of AI, which means you need to grasp the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and must implement Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. You must learn various Programming Languages, like Python, become proficient in it and become accustomed to various frameworks that are in demand.

If you wish to learn Computer Vision, then check out the Artificial Intelligence course, from Intellipaat. Because Computer Vision is a sub-field of AI. Also, watch the following video on Introduction to Computer Vision and get started.

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