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Could someone tell me what is Computer Vision used for?

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Computer Vision is a new-age AI field, which helps computers to label, interpret and understand different images and make their own decisions without any form of human interference. Computer Vision is being extensively used in all the domains, in recent days, to help automate certain tasks. Computer Vision is being used in:

  • Manufacturing and Assembly sector for Quality Assurance
  • In the Retail sector, for cutting downtime.
  • In Autonomous cars,
  • Healthcare, for making systems streamlined and efficient.
  • Customer Tracking,
  • Theft Detection,
  • Product analysis, etc.

Every industry or sector needs to streamline its operations, and making it efficient, for which you could employ Computer Vision. If you wish to get certified and trained in this domain, then enroll in Artificial Intelligence course from Intellipaat. Watch the following YouTube video on Computer Vision Tutorial and get started.

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