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Which is better, Kubernetes or Docker Swarm?

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It depends on the context in which it is needed. From a developers point of view Swarm is easier to use/test/scale primarily reason being it is a very simple setup, however in a real time production environment with all of its complexity, Kubernetes rules by an order of magnitude.

In Developers point of view Kubernetes is a bit more complex, but it handles the complex needs of an enterprise far better. Even simple concepts like load balancing were thought through with k8s using a much more robust load balancing “system” where Swarm simply uses DNS round-robin. So, if you’re a developer, Swarm is simple. If you are responsible for keeping an enterprise running, Kubernetes is the king. If you want to learn both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm you can take up the following DevOps Training course. If you are more into reading then you can have a look at the following DevOps Tutorial. Here is the link of the video by which I came to know all these things you must watch this in order to clear your doubts link is as follows:-


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