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We have a requirement to allow the user to choose which currency he wants to see in the dashboard, like below example:

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By default, it's GBP, if user changes to USD, we need to show the spend by USD. Under the hood we already have table InvoiceDetail which contains columns doing currency conversion beforehand:




I am not sure how I can map when the user chooses different currency using ChicletSlicer to different Columns. 

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  • If you have a table containing all formats available to apply this can be achieved.

  • I've created these tables as example:





  • In the MyTable table I've created two measures called Format and Total Sales.

Format = LASTNONBLANK ( CurrencyFormat[Format], 1 )

Total Sales = Total Sales = FORMAT(SUM(MyTable[Sales]),[Format])

  • Note Total Sales measures uses the [Format] measure to get the selected format from the slicer.

  • Adding the ChicletSlicer and setting FormatName column from CurrencyFormat table in Category pane, you should get the expected result.


  • Also note the formats I've used can vary from what you need, so you have to add some changes to the format strings, do a quick read of the documentation about it.

    Format            Region

$#,##0;($#,##0)     SpendInUSD

£#,##0;(£#,##0)     SpendInGBP

€#,##0;(€#,##0)     SpendInEUR

  • OP wants to get the sum of the right column based on the slicer.

  • Fortunately, your table has a column for every currency, as you found with my proposal to map the slicer value to your measure, this is the final expression:

Spend =

IF (

    LASTNONBLANK ( 'Currency'[Code], 1 ) = "GBP",

    SUM ( Invoice[SpendGBP] ),

    IF (

        LASTNONBLANK ( 'Currency'[Code], 1 ) = "USD",

        SUM ( Invoice[SpendUSD] ),

        SUM ( Invoice[SpendEUR] )


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