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I played a bit around with Azure ML studio. So as I understand the process goes like this:

a) Create a training experiment. Train it with data.

b) Create a Scoring experiment. This will include the trained model from the training experiment. Expose this as a service to be consumed over REST.

Maybe a stupid question but what is the recommended way to get the complete experience like the one i get when I use an app like (Frequently Bought Together API built with Azure Machine Learning).

I mean the following:

a) Expose 2 or more services - one to train the model and the other to consume (test) the trained model.

b) User periodically sends training data to train the model

c) The trained model/models now get saved available for consumption

d) The user is now able to send a data frame to get the predicted results.

Is there an additional wrapper that needs to be built?

If there is a link documenting this please point me to the same.

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Retraining API seems the right one for you. Click here

You can also take a look at Azure Data Factory.

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