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I have a desktop app with a date control that needs to be automated. This is for an enterprise environment, so security is a very important issue. The RPA tool must NOT send data to any kind of cloud service. I tried:

  • UIPath. Works ok but it sends data to the cloud (google ocr). Plus no Linux support.
  • Kantu. Works very well but it sends data to the cloud, too (spaceOcr).
  • Sikuli with Tesseract. Runs all local but the OCR quality is not good enough to identify numbers on a date control.

=> Is there a way to use UIpath or Kantu with local OCR processing?

I use OCR to identify the numbers on the date control and then select the date, similar to this forum post. This works very well, but I need an offline solution.

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ui path offers a computer vision activity, to identify the numbers on the date control and select the date. 

you can also opt for a click activity with a dynamic selector to select a given data instead of ocr.

you can refer to this link for a detailed answer.

UIPath - Find OCR text position and selecting a day from the calendar

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