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I am looking for C and C++ implementations of artificial intelligence algorithms useful in games. Some of the ones I am most interested in are reinforcement learning algorithms, genetic algorithms, and neural networks. Any others are interesting too, however.

I have found which has some very fascinating machine learning algorithms, but these don't seem particularly geared towards games.

The licenses I can use are the Boost Software License, the Zlib/Libpng license, and the public domain. Any recommendations of libraries that fall under any of these licenses would be highly appreciated.

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In this link, you will get 10 best frameworks and libraries for AI in c and c++.

AI is an enormous field, so just saying "useful in games" doesn't mean too much. This apparently isn't exactly what you're looking for, but you may be able to get some use out of Alchemy:

"Alchemy is a software bundle implementing a range of algorithms for analytical relational learning and probabilistic logic inference, based on the Markov logic representation. It allows you to easily develop a wide range of AI applications, including Collective classification Link prediction Entity resolution Social network modeling Information extraction"


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