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Alright, I know how to print variables and strings. But how can I print something like "My string" card.price (it is my variable). I mean, here is my code: print "I have "

(and here I would like to print my variable card.price).

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  • You can do it by your way but you are missing the order that is the only issue:

[unicode(x.strip()) if x is not None else '' for x in row]

  • Syntax:-

[f(x) if condition else g(x) for x in sequence]

  • In list comprehension with if condition we can do like as follows:-

[f(x) for x in sequence if condition] 

  • Another way of doing this is:-

def change(f):

 if f is None: 

   return unicode(f.strip())


   return '' 

row = [change(x) for x in row]

  • You can also use the following way to solve the problem:-

row = map(change, row)

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