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Currently, I am developing a rails project to connect the database from with our SQL server. Atm, we use the gems 'mysql2' for the SQL part and 'databasedotcom' + 'databasedotcom-rails' for the salesforce part.

Our problem ist, that we have the same names for the tables in both databases. So both adapters try to encapsulate them into ActiveRecord classes and as you guess, it's a big problem. Unfortunately, we found no solution on the internet. So how can I prevent the namespaceconfict?

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Try to use the following code, it might work for you:

class Account < ActiveRecord::Base

  # table name is 'accounts' in mysql db


class SalesForceAccount < ActiveRecord::Base

  establish_connection "#{Rails.env}_salesforce"

  table_name = :accounts


Using a database.yml of


  # your mysql credentials and adapter info


  # your salesforce credentials and adapter info

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