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If someone deleted a remote branch because the work is over and I don't know, I won't do git fetch --prune and eventually, I will push back the deleted branch.

Is there a viable solution for forcing git to use the prune mode when fetching / pulling without having to specify it every time?

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 * "git fetch" (hence "git pull" as well) learned to check

   "fetch.prune" and "remote.*.prune" configuration variables and

   to behave as if the "--prune" command-line option was given.

From the release notes of version 1.8.5. Clearly says that for this question you need to set remote.origin.prune to true:

git config remote.origin.prune true

Now, after running the above command Any git fetch or git pull will automatically prune.

Note: But in the previous version of git this command will add a bug related to this configuration and which makes the git remote rename to misbehave.

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If you want to have ‘prune’ executed with every fetch operation, you can configure git accordingly:

$ git config --global fetch.prune true 

Use git prune command to  clean up local branches

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