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I have a file on HDFS that I want to know how many lines are. (testfile)

In linux, I can do:

wc -l <filename>

Can I do something similar with "hadoop fs" command? I can print file contents with:

hadoop fs -text /user/mklein/testfile

How do I know how many lines do I have? I want to avoid copying the file to local filesystem then running the wc command.

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To count a total number of lines for a given file in Hadoop use this command:

 hadoop fs -cat /path/to/hdfs/filename | wc -l

Also, you can do this using Pig scripts:

X = LOAD 'file' using PigStorage() as(...);

Y = group X all;

count = foreach Y generate COUNT(X);

Refer the following video, if you want more information regarding the same:

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