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So we can create a word cloud in tableau but when we create it all the words are always horizontal, like ->

Horizontal words in word cloud

I want to show them in a mixed manner, horizontal and vertical together, kind of like-> outcome word cloud

I have tried to make changes and referred to this URL from tableau community.

Here they say the best option is to make two separate sheets one with all horizontal words and one with all vertical words and then arrange them next to each other, that is on one sheet you can either have all vertical words or all horizontal words, that's not the best solution. I want them to be on one sheet with a mixed pattern of vertical and horizontal words.

Is this possible in tableau?

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  • As you mentioned, you can change the orientation of the whole cloud or you create 2 clouds on a dual-axis, but it will not create a dense cloud like in your example. 

  • Rather than that, it would have gaps and words overlapping each other. In order to define manual coordinates, you will essentially create the cloud by yourself and lay everything out manually. You would probably have to change most of the coordinates again, in case the size of a word changes.

  • You could create it externally and embed it in your dashboard. If you want a word cloud in your dashboard, you would not have the Tableau features like filtering and highlighting, but that would be the closest you can get to a nice looking cloud in Tableau.

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