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I simply want to include a new column that shows the difference between 2017SU and 2016SU. Note that each of those two columns are a running sum.

I've tried doing a secondary table calculation but it does not add a new column.

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  • Tableau views your data. I can't see what the full name of you numeric field starting with Seatc ...

  • Define three calculated fields:

    • 2016SU Seatc = running_sum(sum(if [Stc Term] = "2016SU" then [Seatc...] end))

    • 2017SU Seatc = running_sum(sum(if [Stc Term] = "2017SU" then [Seatc...] end))

    • diff = [2017SU Seatc] - [2016SU Seatc]

  • You'll have to set the partitioning and addressing (aka compute using) on the table calcs appropriately.

  • Finally, now you can use Measure Names and Measure Values to build a table (or other chart) using these 3 measures

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