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How to exclude multiple folders while using aws s3 syn?

I tried :

# aws s3 sync  s3://inksedge-app-file-storage-bucket-prod-env   s3://inksedge-app-file-storage-bucket-test-env --exclude 'reportTemplate/* orders/* customers/*'

But still, it's doing sync for folder "customer"

Output :

copy: s3://inksedge-app-file-storage-bucket-prod-env/customers/116/miniimages/IMG_4800.jpg to s3://inksedge-app-file-storage-bucket-test-env/customers/116/miniimages/IMG_4800.jpg

copy: s3://inksedge-app-file-storage-bucket-prod-env/customers/116/miniimages/DSC_0358.JPG to s3://inksedge-app-file-storage-bucket-test-env/customers/116/miniimages/DSC_0358.JPG

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This will work:

sudo  aws s3 sync  s3://xxxx-app-file-storage-bucket-prod-env   s3://xxxx-app-file-storage-bucket-test-env --exclude 'customers/*'  --exclude 'orders/*' --exclude 'reportTemplate/*'  

*: Matches everything

?: Matches any single character

[sequence]: Matches any character in the sequence

[!sequence]: Matches any character not in sequence

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