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I am following the AWS CLI Setup guide. I have managed to successfully install the tool on my Mac OS X terminal with the following output:

Running cmd: /usr/bin/python --python /usr/bin/python /Users/fr/.local/lib/aws

Running cmd: /Users/fr/.local/lib/aws/bin/pip install --no-index --find-links file:///Users/fr/Downloads/awscli-bundle/packages awscli-1.5.3.tar.gz

You can now run: /Users/fr/.local/lib/aws/bin/aws --version

My issue is that I have to type the full path /Users/fr/.local/lib/aws/bin/aws to execute any aws command. As per the guide's final step, I should be able to execute aws command directly without typing the absolute path for it to execute.

When I try using just aws, I get the following output:

aws --version

command not found: aws

I followed the instructions to make sure that ~/bin is in my PATH environment and I could see there was no output, hence, I executed the export PATH=~/bin:$PATH command to add ~/bin to $PATH. But this has made no difference. The aws command does not work directly.

Could someone please advise what could be going wrong?


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To install AWS CLI on mac os X, follow these three steps:

$ curl "" -o ""

$ unzip

$ sudo ./awscli-bundle/install -i /usr/local/aws -b /usr/local/bin/aws

Or you can use homebrew. For those who do not know what homebrew is, check this out -

For a normal installation, use this:

brew install awscli

For development version, use this:

brew install awscli --HEAD

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