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I can view the log using the following command.

aws logs get-log-events --log-group-name groupName --log-stream-name streamName --limit 100

what is the command to get a feature like tail -f so that   can see the log real time


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You have multiple options for viewing aws log in real-time.

  1. awslogs - This is command line tool for querying groups, events and streams from CloudWatch logs.

  1. apilogs - apilogs is a fork of the excellent awslogs project with specific customizations suited to querying and streaming logs for Serverless APIs using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.

  1. saw - This is a multi-purpose tool for viewing CloudWatch logs in easy to read manner on the console.

  1. cwtail - This is a simple tool for viewing Amazon AWS CloudWatch Logs on the command line.

Choose the best tool, install and use it. This will surely solve your problem.

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