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I am kicking off a PowerShell script with UiPath. I need to pass an argument in, from UiPath. Firstly is this possible and secondly does anyone have an example of this? Not sure what the syntax is for this in the PowerShell script

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 Yes it is possible to pass arguments from Uipath to the terminal. For this to work, you need to store your PowerShell script in a txt file. Add a "Read Text file" activity and on filename add your PowerShell script. Next Add "Invoke Power Shell" activity and you must set  "ContinueOnError" to True and check "IsScript". 

Looking for RPA material from basics! Refer to this video on RPA provided by Intellipaat:

Next step is with the "Invoke power shell" activity selected go to on the right panel and click on "..." button from Parameters. In the screen that will open you can add your parameters.

You can refer to this article for more clarity

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