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I want to read all the unRead mails from the mail using "Email Automation Command" and extract the 'from mail', 'subject' and insert into the excel sheet. I am able to read all the unRead mails from mail and subject but here each mail data is inserted into the separate excel file. How can i create the excel file dynamically in Automation Anywhere. Anyone help me.Thanks in Advance.

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Answer: You basically need to shift in the cells inside the excel file. This can be done as follows:

Open spreadsheet ->Loop through Read mai-> go to beginning of row of active cell-> set value of active cell{from} -> go to one cell right of active cell->set value of active cell{subject}->go to one cell down -> end loop

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Note there are options under excel which are to move to cell number, one cell down, one cell right, etc. you can use them to navigate through excel sheet as you please.
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