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How to create donut chart in tableau?

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Step 1: You need to create two pie charts for Donut chart, so create first pie chart

a) Use default dataset present in tablea desktop i.e. sample superstore, so connect tableau to that dataset

b) Then select the Pie mark type which is present under marks.

c) Drag and drop Customer Segment dimension to Color in marks.

d) Drag and drop Sales measure to Size.

e) Click on the Label, and then select the Show mark labels option.

f) Resize the pie chart as per your requirement.

Step 2: 

a) Right click and select the dual-axis chart

b) Drag and drop Number of Records in to Rows shelf.

c) Drag and drop Number of Records to Rows shelf once again.

d) On Rows, right-click the first instance of number of records and then select Measure >Sum > Minimum.

e) On Rows, right-click the second instance of number of records, and then select Dual Axis option.

Step 3:

a) Now Change the type of second pie chart into a circle

b) Then click MIN(Number of Records) (2) at the bottom of the Marks card.

c) now remove Customer Segment dimension from Color.

d) Remove Sales measure from Size option.

e) Click on Color, and then choose the same color as the background.

f) Now click on Size, make the circle small by dragging the slider to the left side.

g) Drag Sales measure to Label option.

h) Uncheck Show Header by right click on each of the axes.

You can check tableau certification to learn more about the other charts.

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