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What does startup profiles of R professionals include, I have no customization in R and I want to add some.

Ex. I want my output and input of distinct colors and also I want to highlight my syntax.

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You can refer to the following set up of the code:

options("width"=160)                # wide display with multiple monitors

options("digits.secs"=3)            # show sub-second time stamps

r <- getOption("repos")             # hard code the US repo for CRAN

r["CRAN"] <- ""

options(repos = r)


## put something this is your .Rprofile to customize the defaults

setHook(packageEvent("grDevices", "8, height=8, 

                                             xpos=0, pointsize=10, 

                                             #type="nbcairo"))  # Cairo device

                                             #type="cairo"))    # other Cairo dev

                                             type="xlib"))      # old default

## from the AER book by Zeileis and Kleiber

options(prompt="R> ", digits=4, show.signif.stars=FALSE)

options("pdfviewer"="okular")         # on Linux, use okular as the pdf viewer

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