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eading the Kubernetes "Run to Completion" documentation, it says that jobs can be run in parallel, but is it possible to chain together a series of jobs that should be run in sequential order (parallel and/or non-parallel).

Or is it up to the user to keep track of which jobs have finished and triggering the next job using a PubSub messaging service?

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You can use  initContainers under the PodSpec to solve this kind of problems: 

apiVersion: v1

kind: Pod


  name: myapp-pod


    app: myapp



  - name: myapp-container

    image: busybox

    command: ['sh', '-c', 'echo The app is running! && sleep 3600']


  - name: init-myservice

    image: busybox

    command: ['sh', '-c', 'until nslookup myservice; do echo waiting for myservice; sleep 2; done;']

  - name: init-mydb

    image: busybox

    command: ['sh', '-c', 'until nslookup mydb; do echo waiting for mydb; sleep 2; done;']

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