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I want to create a switch button that will be changing date (By Accounting date or by Effective date) by which report is viewed.

Currently, I have an active relationship with an Effective date and inactive relationship by Accounting date.

Using USERELATIONSHIP function I am able to bring data by both dates:

Total Premium by AccDate =

    CALCULATE( Sum(Premiums[Premium]),

        USERELATIONSHIP(Premiums[AccountingDate], Dates[Date]))

So my question, how can I place a button (switch) so the end user would simply click on that button (whether effective date or accounting date) and all visuals would display data according to the switch?

Do I need to use bookmarks for that? Or there are some other tricks? 

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  • If you want to create a new slicer table to use as a slicer, do the following:



Accounting Date

Effective Date

  •  By using two different premium measures,

Total Premium by AccDate =

    CALCULATE( Sum(Premiums[Premium]),

        USERELATIONSHIP(Premiums[AccountingDate], Dates[Date]))

Total Premium by EffDate =

    CALCULATE( Sum(Premiums[Premium]),

        USERELATIONSHIP(Premiums[EffectiveDate], Dates[Date]))

  • You can create a new measure that switches between these two based on your slicer selection:

Total Premium = 


           "Accounting Date", [Total Premium by AccDate],

           "Effective Date", [Total Premium by EffDate])

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