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I'm using a MySql database with a Java program, now I want to give the program to somebody else.

How to export the MySql database structure without the data in it, just the structure?

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Yes, you can do that by using --no-data option with mysqldump command-line tool of MYSQL

 To get the schema, a mysqldump command is used: 

  • A mysqldump command-line tool of MYSQL is used to create dumps (or backup copies) of databases including the schema or structure and the data itself as well. Many command-line flags are there which are used to get the structure or the data instead of everything. 

  • With the help of no data, you can dump the database structure for all the tables in this way

mysqldump -u root -p --no-data databasebname > schema.sql 

Here, the -u flag indicates the username, whereas the -p flag is used for the password that will be supplied. Once, you press the <enter> tab you will be prompted for the password.

Alternatively, the password can also be supplied on the command line, but there should not be any spaces between the -p flag and the password. 

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