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Could someone tell me whether data science is a subfield of computer science?

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Data Science is an extension of computer science and more. As we already know, Data Science deals with multiple disciplines; it includes statistics and mathematics in addition to the applications of computer science. In fact, Data Science uses several different technologies to work with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.


Both Computer Science and Data Science fall under the same umbrella when it comes to their applications—use by technology. Data Science processes the existing data to make it available for use across various verticals. Computer Science allows the use of technology that enables computing of the data.


Data science employs aspects of computer science in programming, AI programming, concepts of databases, etc. These shared concepts cover algorithms,  programming, and data structures. The domain, however, employs more mathematical and statistical operations and techniques.


Computer Science and Data Science are significant, especially today in all their technical aspects. Both are evolving and opening new opportunities as well as creating technologies to simplify everyday operations through sophisticated processes. 


You can learn more about Data Science through tutorials available online. 


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