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How is the market performing for data science jobs? Are there opportunities available?

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Data scientists, data engineers and business analysts are among the most sought-after positions in America. Yet, many existing and emerging workers don't have the full skillset employers need. While this isn't a new problem, it's a big one. But it can be overcome.
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Data generation will never stop as long as there are smart and connected devices. Data has been growing exponentially over the years and it will only keep growing in the future. So, as long as there is data that can be capitalized on, there will be jobs for Data Science professionals no matter which country you are from. Data Science shows great promise for the future in India as well. 

  • LinkedIn has over 5,000 job openings for Data Science professionals in India currently

  • The average income of a Data Scientist in India is ₹10,00,000 per annum in India - Glassdoor

Evidently, the Indian job market for Data Scientists is going strong. In fact, there is a shortage of skill sets and qualified professionals to meet this rise in demand for Data Scientists all around the world. For this very reason, Data Scientists with the right skills and expertise get paid incredibly high. 

Companies are now hiring professionals based on their individual organizational requirements, which means that specific jobs will require specific portfolios and specialized skills rather than overall qualifications. One can become a professional Data Scientist by enrolling in Intellipaat Data Scientist Course.

Understand the future scope of Data Science better with this video by Intellipaat:

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