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I am having trouble when I try to download the dependencies needed to run graphlab. I do import graphlab I get the following:

ACTION REQUIRED: Dependencies libstdc++-6.dll and libgcc_s_seh-1.dll not found.

1. Ensure user account has write permission to C:\Users\DANISUAR\AppData\Local\Continuum\Miniconda2\envs\gl-env\lib\site-packages\graphlab

2. Run graphlab.get_dependencies() to download and install them.

3. Restart Python and import graphlab again.

By running the above function, you agree to the following licenses.

* libstdc++:

* xz:;a=blob;f=COPYING

So I try to run graphlab.get_dependencies() and I get the following error:

In [2]: gl.get_dependencies()

By running this function, you agree to the following licenses.

* libstdc++:

* xz:;a=blob;f=COPYING

Downloading xz.

Extracting xz.

Downloading gcc-libs.

Extracting gcc-libs.

xz: c:\users\danisuar\appdata\local\temp\tmpcdpyzp.xz: File format not recognized


CalledProcessError                        Traceback (most recent call last)

<ipython-input-2-5349b2d86a08> in <module>()

----> 1 gl.get_dependencies()


es\graphlab\dependencies.pyc in get_dependencies()

 45     prev_cwd = os.getcwd()

 46     os.chdir(dllarchive_dir)

---> 47     subprocess.check_call([xz, '-d', dllarchive_file])

 48     dllarchive_tar =[0])

 49     dllarchive_tar.extractall()

C:\Users\DANISUAR\AppData\Local\Continuum\Miniconda2\envs\gl-env\lib\subprocess.pyc in check_call(*popenargs, **kwargs)

539         if cmd is None:

540             cmd = popenargs[0]

--> 541         raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)

542     return 0


CalledProcessError: Command '['c:\\users\\danisuar\\appdata\\local\\temp\\tmpf1habd\\bin_x86-64\\xz.exe', '-d', 'c:\\users\\danisuar\\appdata\\local\\temp\\tmpcdpyzp.xz']' returned non-zero exit status 1

I am using an Anaconda environment with Python 2.7 and Windows 7.

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1.Install all the graph packages using PIP installer using the procedures listed in  this link. 2.Verify the successful installation of GraphLab by typing import graphlab.

3.Then,  run graphlab.get_dependencies() in Python's terminal.

4.Verify the installation again in Python's terminal using:import graphlab.

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