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Could someone tell me are there any tips to crack the CCSP exam?

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CCSP or Certified Cloud Security Professional is a certification exam, being conducted by (ISC)2, which is a very famous non-profit, international organization pertaining to IT Security. Only experienced Cyber Security professionals will be able to register for the exam, as they have certain requirements like 5 years of mandatory work-experience, in which 3 years in Information Security along with the additional year of experience in one or more than one domain recognized by (ISC)2, which could be substituted by getting a CISSP certification instead. Tips for cracking the CCSP exam would be to get familiar with the exam patterns, and the questions they will be asking, the amount of importance that this exam gives to each segment recognized by (ISC)2. If you feel you are not ready or are just starting out preparing for this certification, then check out the CCSP training course from Intellipaat.

Also, if you are a novice in this field, then check out the Cloud Security video and get started.

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