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Could someone tell me what are the prerequisites for CCSP exam?

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CCSP is an international level certification exam being conducted by (ISC)2. There are certain pre-requisites, for this certification exam, which are listed below for your reference:

Starting with work experience, you must be experienced in working in IT sector for at least 5 years, wherein, 3 years you must serve in Information Security domain, and apart from the 5 years, you need to have an additional year of work experience in one or more than one domain out of the total 6 domains that have been recognized by (ISC)2. But you have another option, that is, if you are CISSP certified, then you could use that to substitute your additional 1-year experience requirement. These are the basic requirements that (ISC)2 is demanding from the exam takers.

If you are a complete beginner to CCSP, I would suggest you watch the following video on CCSP training. And if you are well versed in IT and meet the requirements of (ISC)2 for registering for the CCSP exam, then check out the CCSP course from Intellipaat, to help you achieve what you are aiming for, through an industry-grade course, which will help in enhancing your practical skills.

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