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I'm newbie to data science field. So I'm trying to understand his basics step by step. And among his most important fields, we find machine learning.

I found this definition :

"the machine learning is the field of study to give the ability to a Machine to learn without being explicitly programmed."

What's still fuzzy for me is how can we give a machine the ability to learn without being programmed !!

Can anyone please make this clear for me ?

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Machine Learning is the field of Artificial Intelligence where we design the machine algorithms such that machines try to learn by themselves. There is no need of specifically programming any instruction for the machine.

Explicitly programmed: Writing out the instructions in order to accomplish a change manually is explicit programming.It is just specifically writing each and every instruction for the machine’s action.

You can refer to the below link which clearly explains to you about Machine Learning.

You can also watch this video tutorial on Machine Learning:

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