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I downloaded and installed UiPath studio community edition 2018.2.4 running on my Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with .net 4.0.30319 edition

By following this Tutorial Link I created a simple sequence process with

  1. Input dialog

  2. if-else condition

When I created a variable with Scope specific to sequence and changed its data type/variable type to int32, i get an error message.

Where I am going wrong? This doesn't happen when I keep the variable type to UiPath.Core.GenericValue but any other variable type I am faced with this error message.

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You can try by deleting the “ year” in the result and choose “year” from the ui path dropdown menu. Basically, when you create a variable by ctrl + k, it creates a generic variable and when you are changing it to int32. It gives an error


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