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Which devops course is recommended if I want to learn all cloud concepts?

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Intellipaat's devops and cloud computing course is the ideal DevOps course for an enthusiast to grasp all the foundations of cloud computing because it will provide you all the information required to quickly become an expert in this field. There are other courses as well which are provided by different educational platforms for cloud computing. However, this specific course offers a lot of useful features and benefits to the learner for a seamless learning experience without facing any difficulty. 

You will get to experience various benefits which include:

  1. 100+ Live sessions across 9 months

  2. Learning from IIT Guwahati Faculty & Industry Experts

  3. 50+ Industry Projects & Case Studies

  4. One-on-One with Industry Mentors

  5. Soft Skills Essential Training

  6. Certification from EICT, IIT Guwahati

  7. Guaranteed 3 Interviews by Intellipaat

  8. Career Assistance by Intellipaat

If you are interested in this domain, then you must go for this course without any second thought. 

For the reference, you can view the success story of Rajendra, an ex-Intellipaat’s learner who benefited from this course and successfully transitioned his career to cloud computing. 

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