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I have a problem with searching table values in a web table.

I have an excel table contain two coloumns.

Name | Branch,

Roger | London

I have a web table in IE contains contain multiple rows. And few columns

Name | branch,

Roger | London

I need to take two of my excel values and a search in web table and then click on name.

I need to match.

Problem is there are multiple same names with different branches. But I need to click only on the roger which match with London.

I am using object cloning for this process. I can able to search and click ln name . But I need to match with brach and click ..

If anybody has an idea of having x path. Then please let me know how to use in automation anywhere to match with two values



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I think you can use the object property to solve your issue.

You can use If for Object Properties and look for Name cell.
IF above satisfied, then check another If for Object Properties and Look for City
If Both True, then use object cloning with properties of Name in first If.
Use If Object Property correctly.

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