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I've created a BACPAC backup of my Azure SQZ database using the option "Export" in Azure management console.

I've downloaded it on my system. Can you please tell me how can I restore it to a local SQL Server instance

A script will do great if someone has written it already .

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  • This can be done using SQL Server Management Studio 2012
  • Follow the steps:

1. Right click on Connection and then on Databases. Now select "Import Data-tier application…"

2. Click Next on the introduction step

A dialogue box will open. Import the desired file from the local disk or from Windows Azure.

Now you can browse or connect to a storage account where all backups are present.

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You can do it simply through SQL Server Management Studio 2012

Are you interested in learning Azure from basics! Have a look at this video on Azure provided by Intellipaat:


Step 1: Right-click on the Connection then go to the Databases node and then select "Import Data-tier application..."

Now, Select "Next" on the introduction step.


Finally, you can Browse, or connect to a storage account where backups are kept.

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