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I'd like to know, is there a Python equivalent for the case statement such as the examples available on or C#?

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Actually, there is no switch statement in Python but you can write your program using a dictionary that will work as a switch statement.

Example code for you:

# Firstly you can define the number of function blocks as many options you want.

def zero():

print("You have selected option A.\n")

def one():

print("You have selected option B.\n")

def two():

print("You have selected option C.\n")

def three():

print("You have selected option D.\n") 

# Now you need to create a map the inputs to the function blocks 

options = {0 : zero, 1 : sqr, 4 : sqr, 9 : sqr, 2 : even, 3 : prime, 5 : prime, 7 : prime, }

options[num]() #This statement is for calling your options

To know more about this you can have a look at the following video tutorial:-

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