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Of cause I can use selenium-standalone with XPath to test an app. But testing the SPA could be challenging sometime.

But, for example, angularjs's team provides protractor for this purpose.

The reason behind protractor as I can see is that protractor waits till angularjs will be loaded and a few more features:

Protractor provides some new locator strategies and functions which are very helpful to automate the AngularJS application. Examples include things like: waitForAngular, By.binding, By.repeater, By.textarea, By.model, WebElement.all, WebElement.evaluate, etc.

So, the question is: Is it any tool or best practice for e2e testing in Vuejs?

UPD: feel free to post links to tutorials, examples, and everything cool about e2e-testing in vue.js. Thanks.

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I recommend using


  • easy install

  • complete test harness

  • javascript ES2016 with (async/await)

  • flexible selector system

  • smart assertions with a retry policy

  • reports

See the simple tutorial here.

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