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I have created an e-commerce site in angular js. And I need to host the same in Amazon web service.

So in order to host the same, I created an ec2 instance first. Now after that added an rds instance with a security group of VPC by allowing all ip's as outbound and inbound. While creating a security group I specified for mysql and for all connection. Still, after I remotely logged into the instance and try to connect to the endpoint from rds instance using

mysql -u username -p password -h ********.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com:3306

I get an error

ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host xxxxxxxxx (0)

I created the instance from the Asia Pacific (Singapore) region since I am a resident of India.

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It should work fine if you remove the port number at the end.

It should be ********.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com instead of ********.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com:3306

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