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I have created data sets of various sizes say 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB (< 10 GB) and executing various machine learning models on Azure ML.

1) Can I know what is the server specifications (RAM, CPU) that are provided in the Azure ML service?

2) Also at times, the reader says "Memory exhaust" for >4GB of data. Though azure ml should be able to handle 10GB of data as per documentation.

3) If I run multiple experiments(in different tabs of the browser) in parallel, it is taking more time.

4) Is there any way to set the RAM, CPU cores in Azure ML

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1. The CPU and RAM configurations for Azure ML Services are abstracted.

2. You can try to use Azure ML workbench since many VMs are used.

3. You can try to reduce the number of training data in your data set.

4. You can scale it but that is possible if you are using web services.

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