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In the Python Selenium module, once I have a WebElement object I can get the value of any of its attributes with get_attribute():

foo = elem.get_attribute('href')

If the attribute named 'href' doesn't exist, None is returned.

My question is, how can I get a list of all of the attributes that an element has? There doesn't seem to be a get_attributes() or get_attribute_names() method.

I'm using version 2.44.0 of the Selenium module for Python.

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By using IJavaScriptExecutor, you can get all the unknown attributes of a web element. HAP has already “attributes” property for HtmlNode object but compared to Selenium, HAP hasn’t any option to handle DOM objects or CSS related properties.

ReadOnlyCollection<object> attributes = (ReadOnlyCollection<object>) 



      @"var _return = []; var attrList = arguments[0].attributes; " +

      @"for (var _index = 0; _index < attrList.length;++_index)" +

      @"{ var _attr = attrList[_index];var _node ={ } ;"+

      @" =;_node.value = _attr.value;" +

      @"_return.push(_node); "+

      "}; return _return; "

      , item);

The above code is a basic example to retrieve all attributes of an IWebElement. You can run any javascript code with ExecuteScript command within C# on web driver.

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