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I have two branches. Commit a is the head of one, while the other has b, c, d, e and f on top of a. I want to move c, d, e and f to first branch without commit b. Using cherry-pick it is easy: checkout first branch cherry-picks one by one c to f and rebase the second branch onto first. But is there any way to cherry-pick all c-f in one command?

Here is a visual description of the scenario:

enter image description here

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According to git release note 1.7.2, it says that

* "git cherry-pick" learned to pick a range of commits(e.g. "cherry-pick A..B" and "cherry-pick --stdin"), so did "gitrevert"; these do not support the nicer sequencing control "rebase[-i]" has, though.

And there are certain things to take care of those are

1: A should be older than B. If they're in the wrong order the command will fail. 

2: Also, this will cherry-pick all except A  including B.  

3: To include A just type 

git cherry-pick A^..B

By considering this and you can achieve the desired output. For more details regarding git here is a tutorial that will help you regarding this concept.

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