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I want to use a NoSQL database on Windows Azure and the data volume will be very large. Whether a Azure Table storage or a MongoDB database running using a Worker role can offer better performance and scalability? Has anyone used MongoDB on Azure using a Worker role? Please share your thoughts on using MongoDB on Azure over the Azure table storage.

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When it comes to Azure table, here are the properties:

  • Scalable –  it supports up to 500TB per account

  • Reliable –  due to multiple replicas in different data centers, it is highly reliable and fault tolerant.

  • Schema-less – the data stored does not have any particular structure in it.

Comparing the features of MongoDB, here are some points:

  • MongoDB is primarily a document-oriented database. 

  • In order to be reliable, it requires few redundant instances.

MongoDB uses more memory for its own cache than Azure Table does. 

For more simple environments, using Azure Table is more suitable whereas when it comes to more advanced queries, you can use MongoDB.

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